So in the midst of the snowpocalypse that is Athens, Georgia right now…and while I’m patiently waiting for my 2 o’clock class to be cancelled, I do what I always do. Troll Pinterest. The bulk of my pins are food and travel related, with the occasional home deco/fashion pin or quote by Jennifer Lawrence or Ellen. So today, like any other day, I pinned what I’m making for dinner…and found a new favorite travel pin. This one is actually one of the best/most useful I’ve found in a while, so I thought I’d share it with you.

My personal favorites are:

50. Know cathedrals…but also know museums and palaces.

49. This doesn’t just apply to the Tube, it applies everywhere.

47. UM YES.

46. The 2 Euro coin is always your best friend, no matter how heavy your wallet may be.

33. This applies to almost any Hispanic female in the US.

31. Or just when you’re in a not-so-clean restroom.

30. Or in Europe. 2 feet in the US is 2 inches to other cultures.

27. TRUTH. Morocco made me realize this one pretty quickly.

21-1. ALL of these times 100.